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The Perfect Hot Chocolate Recipe

Save some money and make your hot chocolate at home. For the same price of one hot chocolate at your local coffee shop, you can make ten at home. Click here to get the hot chocolate mix recipe. Enjoy a piping hot cup during the winter months, or for that special holiday.


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I absolutely love the cooler months, leading up to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Down here in Florida, the cooler days are few and far between. If the temps drop down to 65-degrees, we are scrambling for the flannel. But, when the temperatures finally drop, I whip out the hot chocolate mix and the kids come running to get a hold of a cup. (I love this crazy mug – this is going on my Christmas list).

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays right around the corner, it seems like we are craving more hot chocolate. It’s a fun treat that makes you feel like you are all snuggled in for the winter and ready for the holidays.

The beautiful thing about making the hot chocolate recipe at home is that you will save tons of money. I love coffee shops more than you will ever know, but I can’t afford to go often. And making it at home means we can have it whenever we want (shh, don’t tell, but we could almost call it a daily ritual).

The kids seem to like this homemade mix more than the store bought kind. And as a bonus, chocolate is good for you, so it’s a win all the way around! 

If you want to add some spice and create a Mexican Hot Chocolate, just add a little cinnamon and chili powder. Slide on down for the recipe. 

Eat some candied pecans on the side. Click here for the recipe. 


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