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Strawberry chess squares on a white plate with strawberries in a bowl

Strawberry Chess Squares

Strawberry chess squares are a decadent and rich dessert, are an easy recipe to make, and turn out delicious every time. The chess squares ingredients include strawberry cake, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, crushed strawberries, and cream cheese for a rich and sweet dessert. Chess squares are one of the best dessert recipes and it never …

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A lemon chess square on a blue and white plate with lemons in the background

Luscious Lemon Chess Squares

Learn how to master baking luscious lemon chess squares. The sweet and tart dessert features a cake crust, crunchy top, and an ooey-gooey center. Believe me, everyone will come back and beg for more. Everyone Loves Chess Squares Chess Squares, also known as chess cake squares, are a delicious dessert that found their roots in …

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Picture of Chess squares

Easy Chess Squares Recipe

This Southern chess squares recipe is a great homemade dessert for any occasion. The chess squares, a.k.a. chess bars are an easy recipe to make from scratch that all of your friends and family will love. The squares, made with cream cheese, are perfect for parties, Christmas, or any time of year.  Time to Eat …

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