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What To Serve With A Baked Potato Bar: 61 Ideas

Want to impress party guests or serve your large family without a fuss?

A good baked potato bar is the way to go. It’s a must for a large crowd because even those picky eaters will find their favorite toppings to enjoy. 

But, what do you serve with a baked potato bar? I’ve got the answers.

Photo of a baked potato with cheese, diced jalapeños, and other toppings. The potato is on a white plate.
Photo by fahrwasser

These 61 baked potato bar ideas can have your guests serving themselves up a loaded baked potato any way they like it.

Make them in the slow cooker or oven. But the best part is that everyone just loves baked potatoes and sweet potatoes topped with anything they want to put on them!

1. Butter

Let’s start with one of everyone’s favorite baked potato topping–butter! Whether you serve Russet potatoes or sweet potatoes, butter is a match.

It serves as the ultimate base for all the other toppings and pleases even the picky eaters in the family who just want to keep their potatoes simple. 

2. Sour Cream

Tangy sour cream is another popular baked potato topping. Pile it onto that pat of butter or join it with another array of spectacular ingredients.

3. Green Onions

A variety of toppings is always appreciated at a baked potato bar. Green onions can add a nice pop of color and contrast in flavor to the mild taste of Idaho potatoes. 

4. Cheddar Cheese

Shredded cheddar is always a win for an easy peasy topping on your baked potatoes. Keep the potatoes hot so the cheese gets all melty. Cheddar cheese also complements a variety of other toppings.

Shredded cheddar cheese on a wooden cutting board. There is a shredded right behind the cheese.
Photo by bhofack2

5. Pepper Jack Cheese

Whether you have a large family or everyone is over for game day, pepper jack cheese is another cheesy option for potato toppings. This one lends a nice kick for anyone that likes it spicy. 

6. Black Beans

The whole fun of a baked potato bar is to whip up your own whimsical creations.

With a variety of toppings like black beans, your guests can give their potatoes a Mexican-flavored theme. They’re simple to make and offer a way to add protein for anyone that prefers to go meatless.

Black beans in a bowl.
Photo by Belle of The Kitchen

7. Red Onion

Pretty red onions are a wonderful addition to your variety of toppings. They can go with the meats you serve or the cheeses for an added intensity in flavor.

Photo of someone chopping red onions with a large knife on a wooden chopping block.
Photo by Robertbyszprzy

8. Ground Beef/Taco Meat

Seasoned ground beef makes a killer potato topping. You can make it a taco-flavored style for a true fiesta on game day, or keep it simple with onions and peppers.

Photo of taco meat in a blue skillet. There's a wooden spoon in the skillet and some taco shells on the side.
Photo by Easy Dinner Ideas

9. Barbecue Sauce

Another great idea is serving some barbecue sauce. Sweet, smoky, or even a little bit spicy, this stuff really lets baked potatoes shine!

Barbecue sauce in a bowl and in a jar sitting on a counter. There are a few cherry tomatoes on the counter next to a spoon.
Photo by HandmadePicture

10. Sautéed Mushrooms

Baked potato bar ideas should always include plenty of meatless options. Even those that eat meat will adore throwing on some sautéed mushrooms.

These will add a rich, buttery, and earthy note to any Russet potato.

Photo of sautéed mushrooms on a white plate.
Photo by Drive Me Hungry

11. Bacon Bits

Newsflash…bacon bits aren’t just for salads! They’re a dream come true for a quick topping on Idaho potatoes. Along with cheese, it’s the quintessential combo everyone will love!

12. Red Peppers

Red peppers and other bell peppers are full of vitamin C.

If anyone joining you for your baked potato bar is health conscious or simply likes the flavors of peppers, try roasting them for an exquisite potato topping!

Photo of roasted bell peppers.
Photo by Healthy Recipes

13. Goat Cheese

Goat cheese has a different mouthfeel and tanginess to it. For a baked potato topping, it can go with sweet potatoes or whisk the taste buds away to the Mediterranean.

14. Mozzarella Cheese

Some people prefer mozzarella over other cheeses. And if you’ve got some marinara sauce, you’ve got a pizza potato ready to roll! 

Shredded mozzarella cheese on a white plate. There's a metal shredder next to the plate.
Photo by MSPhotographic

15. Chili

You can make chili for your big potato bar event. Chili is a game day staple and is a hit for any gathering.

If you’re doing a potato bar just for your own family, you could even use leftover chili as that baked potato topping. Don’t forget the cheese and onions!

Homemade easy chili in a green bowl.

16. Fajita-Style Meat

Chicken, pork, or steak is a win when made fajita-style. You’ll love this on top of your potatoes, especially with some added cheese and other toppings.

Chicken and steak fajitas on a white plate with some red and yellow bell peppers.
Photo by Thriving Home

17. Pulled Pork

Melt in your mouth and tender, pulled pork is another divine topping you’ll want to put out for your baked potato bar.

Make it in your Crock Pot for a no-fuss addition to serve at this epic gathering!

Slow cooker pulled pork in a bowl. There's a checkered towel next to the bowl.

18. Buffalo Sauce

Bring that spice with a bottle of buffalo sauce on the table. If you’re also serving wings, your buffalo sauce freaks will absolutely rejoice!

19. Cream Cheese

The great thing about cream cheese is that when it comes into contact with something hot, it gets all melty and dreamy. A dollop of this on a baked potato or even a sweet potato will really be blissful eating!

20. Cottage Cheese

For something a bit healthier than cream cheese, cottage cheese hits all the right notes too. This would be amazing with those roasted peppers!

21. Rotisserie Chicken

If you have a rotisserie chicken from the deli department at your supermarket, cut it up into pieces for another savory topping. You could also opt to serve it as a main alongside your potato bar for a full meal.

Rotisserie chicken over open flames.
Photo by adogslifephoto

22. Tortilla Chips

Crispy and crunchy, adding crushed tortilla chips as a potato topping is a fun idea. These will pair nicely with Mexican-style toppings.

And of course, they go with salsa, an ideal side dish to serve at your baked potato bar.

23. Salsa

True that you can pop open a jar and call it a day, but having homemade salsa is even better.

And it’s just as easy to make. In minutes, you can get this ready. Plus, it’s a great option for your next party!

A photo of salsa in a white bowl next to some tortilla cchips.
Photo by A Spicy Perspective

24. Diced Tomatoes 

No time to make salsa before everyone gathers? Dice up some tomatoes for a fresh and delicious topping on russet potatoes or even your sweet potatoes too!

Diced tomatoes in three separate glasses. There's some mint on top of the tomatoes and on the side of the cup.
Photo by HandmadePicture

25. Crispy Bacon Strips

If you don’t have bacon bits, you can always fry up bacon into crispy strips. These can then be layered on top of any potato for that savory, smoky, and heavenly addition. 

Crispy bacon in a skillet.
Photo by krasyuk

26. Pepperoni

Slices of pepperoni bring a zesty array to your baked potato topping lineup. Along with cheese and marinara sauce, it can be the ultimate baked potato pizza!

27. Italian Sausage

Go with sweet or spicy Italian sausage, and you won’t go wrong. You’ll have the perfect potato bar for everyone, even if they just want to keep this meaty offering on the side.

28. Grilled Corn

Not everything at your baked potato bar needs to be a topping. You can serve grilled corn as a delicious side dish for your big gathering. Along with that butter for the potatoes, it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser.

Photo of grilled corn in the husks. The corn is on a cookie sheet with some sea salt in a small bowl to the side.
Photo by Spend With Pennies

29. Grilled Onions

Caramelized and tender, grilled onions take on a different flavor than their raw counterparts. Grill these up for a great potato bar idea that will work with so many of your other toppings.

Grilled onions in a skillet.
Photo by Tastes Lovely

30. Jalapeños

Eliminate party-day stress by slicing up spicy jalapeños to put on your baked potato bar. These will let the spice freaks have all the heat they want in every single bite.

Jalapeños in a metal bowl. The bowl is on top of a wooden cutting board.
Photo by bhofack2.

31. Avocados

Sliced or cubed, avocados add creaminess to baked potatoes. They’ll go with so many of these other topping ideas that your party guests will love.

From Mexican to Mediterranean, or even with that buffalo sauce, the cooling and neutral flavors of avocado will be a match for any potato.

32. Hot Sauce

If you’re serving wings for game day alongside this potato bar, you need hot sauce. And plenty of people will be glad to shake it all over their Russet potatoes too.

For a large gathering, try to offer a mild, medium, hot, and extra hot option to please every palate.

Hot sauce with a jalapeño on top. There's some fire in the background.
Photo by andrebanyai

33. White BBQ Sauce

When time is of the essence, you can pick up this saucy option for your baked potatoes at the grocery store.

But if you have a moment, make white BBQ sauce, the pride of Alabama, for a homemade topping that will really knock your socks off!

Photo of Alabama white sauce in a jar.
Photo by House of Nash Eats

34. Marinara Sauce

Another grocery store staple you likely have in your pantry is marinara sauce. But if not, it’s easy enough to make on the fly.

This topping will allow your large family to have plenty of Italian flavors on top of their baked potatoes.

Marinara sauce in a blue baking dish. There's a wooden spoon in the dish.
Photo by Natasha’s Kitchen

35. Broccoli

Whether you throw down fresh broccoli or steamed florets, this cruciferous veggie makes for an excellent potato topping.

To make it really disappear from the potato bar, add cheese, and you’ll see your guests swoon!

Broccoli with cheese in a saucepan. There's a wooden spoon in the saucepan.
Photo by Brooklyn Farm Girl

36. Croutons 

If you have some croutons, you can add a nice crunchy topping to your potato bar lineup. Or, with a few simple ingredients and about 15 minutes, you can make them yourself!

Croutons on a white plate.
Photo by Cookie and Kate

37. Tofu

Cubed or crumbled, this protein-packed option is perfect for guests concerned about eating healthy as well as those that don’t eat meat.

Since tofu takes on all the flavors of everything around it, all those lovely sauces will surely give it oomph. You can also fry the tofu so it’s crispy, making it even more tasty!

Cubed tofu in a skillet with oil.
Photo by Nora Cooks

38. Blue Cheese

Pungent and savory, blue cheese is an acquired taste. But your friends and family will surely adore adding it to the top of sweet potatoes for contrast or to those Idaho potatoes for a unique flavor profile.

39. Greek Yogurt

It’s tangy and healthy, so Greek yogurt can be another topping option for those keen on keeping up with their good habits.

With Greek yogurt, you can replace sour cream or let everyone make a choice on their preference.

40. Ranch Dressing

No game day party would be complete without ranch dressing! It’s great with wings and baked potatoes too. You could pour it from a store-bought bottle, but why? It’s so easy to make it yourself from scratch!

Ranch salad dressing in a jar next to a white bowl of red and orange vegetables.
Photo by Barefeet in the Kitchen

41. Pesto

Garlicky pesto sauce is a splendid way to add some flavor to a Russet potato. It’s made with fresh basil, pine nuts, parmesan, garlic, and lemon juice for a truly unforgettable taste.

You won’t believe how simple it is to throw together in just minutes either, though a jar of it will always suffice if you don’t have the ingredients.

Peso sauce in a white bowl. There is some bread next to the bow, as well as a lemon and honey. There's a wooden spoon in the bowl of pesto.
Photo by Love and Lemons

42. Spinach and Artichoke Dip

What is a game day party without spinach and artichoke dip?

It can double as a dip on the side with tortilla chips or tucked into a bread bowl, and it can be a beautiful baked potato topping that will disappear fast!

43. Fried Eggs

If fried eggs can be thrown on top of pizza, avocado toast, and other dishes, they certainly can be added to your potato bar toppings. This way, it turns your potatoes into a full meal!

44. Gravy

For those that love gravy on mashed potatoes, there’s something extraordinary about drowning baked potatoes in this savory stuff.

Adding cheese to the top of a potato drenched in gravy is like getting another version of poutine for a totally delicious combination!

Brown gravy in a saucepan.
Photo by The Cozy Cook

45. Guacamole

For any party, guacamole makes a celebration more fun.

If you find avocados to be bland and boring, make some guacamole to go with those tortilla chips and enjoy as a side or as one of your varieties of toppings to that Idaho potato.

Guacamole in a great bowl. There are two chips dipped into the guacamole.
Photo by The Endless Meal

46. Creamed Spinach

There’s just something about creamed spinach as a baked potato topping. For one, it’s a staple at any good steakhouse, just like baked potatoes.

For another, it’s utterly delicious, rich with a creamy texture and parmesan cheese, making it a front-runner for your favorite toppings.

A fork lifting creamy spinach out of a bowl.
Photo by Dinner Then Dessert

47. Tzatziki Sauce

A great way to give your party guests a full spectrum of Mediterranean flavors is to provide tzatziki sauce as a topping for those potatoes.

If you’ve never had it, you’re going to kick yourself for just trying it now.

It’s a Greek sauce made with Greek yogurt, cucumber, and dill, giving sweet potatoes and baked potatoes a like a perfectly creamy, dreamy, and refreshing topping.

Greek tzatziki dip in a white bowl. There are some veggies around the edge of the bowl.
Photo by The Wanderlust Kitchen

48. Roasted Veggies

It’s never a bad idea to add more veggie options to your potato bar topping ideas. Simply slide a tray of cherry tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, and onions drizzled with olive oil into your oven for a stress-free side dish or topping.

Roasted vegetables in a gray bowl with a spoon.
Photo by Cooking Classy

49. Olive Tapenade

When you wonder what to do about that jar of olive tapenade you got in your gourmet basket of goodies, wonder no more! This delightful stuff is great for potato toppings.

You can also make it yourself with a few key ingredients like anchovy paste, capers, and lemon juice. Add pita chips on the side for anyone who isn’t sure if they want it on their potatoes.

Olive tapenade in a bowl next to toasted bread.
Photo by Culinary Hill

50. Caviar

Want to give your baked potatoes the royal treatment? This fancy ingredient will go beautifully with that sour cream for a high-end potato bar. 

51. Old Bay Butter

Old Bay is an iconic seasoning that’s primarily used for fish and seafood. But it’s so dreamy on everything else too, especially potatoes. You can mix this seasoning with butter for another way to elevate your potato toppings.

52. Coleslaw

Make your potato bar a full meal with coleslaw on the side. Guests will also love piling it on top of their potatoes for a creamy and crunchy way to devour their spuds.

Chick-Fil-A Coleslaw in a red bowl

53. Crab Salad

Another party food that you can serve to a large crowd is crab salad.

For the side or for topping your potatoes, this scrumptious salad bursts with the sweetness of crab and savory ingredients ideal for a full meal. 

Crab salad in a gray bowl. There is a sliced lemon on top of the salad.
Photo by The Recipe Critic

54. Baked Beans

A can of baked beans will work for toppings at a baked potato bar. Slightly sweet, a little smokey, and sometimes brimming with pork and bacon, they’re wonderful.

You may want to keep them meatless to please the entire crowd, but if you have a bunch of meat eaters feasting with you, make them with weenies for a game-day win.

Baked Beans and Weenies are a great meal for dinner, football parties, or a picnic. Holidays are a great time to make baked beans and weenies.

55. Mac n’ Cheese

Let your slow cooker help you out with some mac n’ cheese. It’s a divine potato topping with its creamy and cheesy textures and flavors.

This will take the stress out of your party for sure, and anyone that wants to keep it on the side is free to do so too!

Easy macaroni and cheese in a bowl.

56. Cauliflower Mac n’ Cheese

When you’re trying to be low carb mac n’ cheese is too grand a temptation. But by making it with cauliflower, you can enjoy this comfort food in a guilt-free way, either on those spuds or on the side.

As a side bonus, it’s also great for sneaking in more veggies for kids!

Cauliflower mac and cheese in a white baking dish. There's a wooden spoon scooping up some of the dish.
Photo by Creme de la Crumb

57. Broccoli Cheese Soup

You can make a full meal of your baked potato bar by offering soup, and what better way than to make broccoli cheese soup?

Some guests may want to drizzle this right onto their potatoes or even let their potatoes float in a bowl of this stuff.

Hey, it’s their potato. Let them enjoy it the way they want to!

Broccoli cheddar soup in a white bowl

58. Beer Cheese Soup

Another alternative for something on the side or added atop a Russet potato, beer cheese soup is a game-day dream come true.

Brimming with cheeses, the depth of flavor comes from the addition of beer in this simple soup.

Beer cheese soup in a white speckled bowl. There's some crumbled bacon on top and green scallions. There's also a spoon in the soup bowl.
Photo by The Modern Proper

59. Ham

Chop up some ham leftover from your meal, or grab some from the grocery store. Even deli slices add that sweet brown sugared, and smokey flavor that makes ham such a treat.

60. Chopped Hard Boiled Eggs

Think salad bar toppings, and you’ll have your potato toppings sorted out. Hard-boiled eggs add more protein for a full meal in a baked potato.

Plus, they’ll pair well with so many of these other ingredients, too.

61. Artichoke Hearts

Whether you choose marinated artichoke hearts or ones packaged in water, this is one of everyone’s favorite toppings for potatoes.

If serving them marinated, keep a spoon in the serving dish as that oil-based marinade also goes so well with any potato. 

Be sure to grab some of your favorite things from this list. There are so many different toppings to add to your potatoes that you will never run out of ideas.