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What To serve With Chicken Taquitos: 47 Great Side Dishes

Homemade chicken taquitos are a great way to get those Mexican flavors for Taco Tuesday when you want something a little different.

With homemade taquitos they can be made with corn tortillas or flour tortillas and stuffed with leftover chicken like rotisserie chicken, or you can even use ground beef. Rolled up with shredded cheese, you cook them to crispy perfection.

Chicken Taquitos
Photo by lenyvavsha

There’s so much to love about Mexican food, and the next time you get a hankering for it, homemade chicken taquitos will be the answer to your prayers.

But to make it a complete meal, you’re probably wondering what to serve with chicken taquitos.

Not to worry, these 47 recipes will help you decide what to serve with chicken taquitos for a full dinner or to turn any gathering into a fiesta!

What To Serve With Chicken Taquitos