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Easy Pecan Tart Recipe

Pecan tarts, also known as pecan tassies, are an easy recipe to make and work great for parties during the holiday season or any time of year.

The tarts are mini pecan pies that are a delicious bite-size treat.

If you love a traditional pecan pie, you will love these.

The Perfect Fall Dessert

Cooked pecan tarts in side of a tart pan.

Once fall hits, it is time to get out the pecan sweet treats, and these tarts are a delicious addition to any dessert table.

It’s like a little pecan pie inside of a mini tart crust.

Baked pecan tarts sitting on a counter. There's a tablespoon of brown sugar and a cup of some chopped pecans.

Ingredients For Pecan Pie Mini Tarts

  • Egg
  • Dark corn syrup
  • Dark brown sugar
  • Melted butter
  • Vanilla extract
  • Chopped pecans

Full printable recipe with measurements and instructions listed at the bottom of the post in the recipe card.

How To Make Classic Pecan Pie Tarts

  1. Form the mini tart crusts and place them in a greased tart pan.
  2. Add the egg, corn syrup, brown sugar, melted butter, and vanilla extract to a medium bowl and mix well.
  3. Next, add the chopped pecans and mix.
  4. Spoon some of the mixture into each of the tart crusts.
  5. Bake the pecan tarts for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees.
  6. Let the classic tarts cool for at least one hour.

Watch How To Make Pecan Tartlets

Step-By-Step Instructions

Small pie crusts in a mini muffin pan for pecan tarts.

For the tart shells, I used a mini muffin pan. Press dough into each tart in the pan.

I bought the refrigerated pie dough and tore off small pieces, and shaped them into tarts.

One egg in a large glass mixing bowl.

Get started by adding one egg to a mixing bowl and beat.

Pouring dark corn syrup into a clear glass mixing bowl.

Next, pour the dark corn syrup into the mixing bowl.

For this recipe, I used Karo syrup. But generic will work, as well.

If you like light corn syrup instead of dark, you can use that.

Brown sugar, Karo syrup, and an egg in a large clear glass mixing bowl.

Add the dark brown sugar to the bowl.

You don’t have to use dark brown sugar for the recipe, but it adds a bit of a deeper flavor. You can use light brown sugar instead if you’d like to.

Pouring melted butter into the bowl with the pecan tart ingredients. The bowl is a clear glass mixing bowl.

Pour the melted butter into the bowl with the ingredients.

Pouring vanilla extract into a mixing bowl with pecan tassie ingredients.

Next, add the vanilla extract to the bowl and mix well.

Chopped pecans in a large mixing bowl with mini pecan tart ingredients.

Finally, add the chopped pecans to the bowl and mix well.

You don’t need an electric mixer for this recipe. You can use a spoon or fork to stir it.

It seems like it’s not going to be enough for the tarts, but there is plenty of mixture. In fact, you will most likely have extra.

Pecan tart mixture in a clear glass mixing bowl.

Stir and make sure the pecans are mixed in well.

Uncooked pecan tarts in a pecan tart metal pan.

Spoon some of the pecan filling into the uncooked tart shells.

It doesn’t take much to fill the pecan tarts.

Cooked pecan tarts in a metal tart pan sitting on top of the stove.

Bake the pecan tarts for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees oven temperature. The tarts will bubble up and be golden brown when they are done baking.

The tops will settle a little as they cool. You can place the pan on a wire rack, and that will help the tarts cool a little faster.

How To Store The Mini Pecan Tarts

Store the pecan tarts in an airtight container or cover with plastic wrap. The tarts do not need to be refrigerated.

However, they will last a few days longer in the refrigerator.

Can I Use Maple Syrup Instead Of Corn Syrup?

Yes, you can use maple syrup instead of corn syrup in this recipe. It will have a different flavor, but it also tastes wonderful.

More Delicious Dessert Recipes

The pecan tarts are perfect for special occasions, birthdays, church potlucks, or anytime you want a sweet treat. They go great with a scoop of ice cream on the side or on their own.

Be sure to get the recipe below.

Cooked pecan tarts in side of a tart pan.

Easy Pecan Tart Recipe

Yield: 24
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Additional Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 45 minutes

Pecan pie tarts are a delicious dessert with a flaky crust. The small tarts are easy to make and have a delicious tart filling. They are just like little pies.


  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup dark corn syrup
  • 2 Tablespoons dark brown sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons melted butter
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2/3 cup chopped pecans
  • 2 premade store-bought pie crusts


Heat oven to 350-degrees. Grease tart pans with nonstick cooking spray or butter.

  1. Divide dough into smaller pieces, shape the tart crusts, and place them inside the greased tart pan.
  2. In a medium bowl add the egg, corn syrup, dark brown sugar, melted butter, and vanilla extract and mix well.
  3. Next, add the chopped pecans and mix until they are coated with the sugar mixture.
  4. Spoon the pecan filling into the tarts. Add the mixture 3/4 of the way to the top of the tart.
  5. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until the top and tarts are golden brown.
  6. Allow the tarts to cool for about one hour.


If you don't have a tart pan, you can use a mini muffin pan.

Stir the mixture before adding to each tart as the sugar tends to sink to the bottom of the bowl quickly.

It will seem like there's not enough filling for the tarts, but there's plenty. I had some leftover.

Nutrition Information:
Yield: 24 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 79Total Fat: 5gSaturated Fat: 1gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 3gCholesterol: 10mgSodium: 46mgCarbohydrates: 8gFiber: 1gSugar: 4gProtein: 1g

Nutrition is approximate.

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