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Pink and white M&M cookies stacked on a counter

M&M Valentine’s Day Cookies

M&M Valentine’s Day Cookies are similar to chocolate chip cookies and have a delicate crispy edge with a chewy center. The M&M cookies are made with Crisco, rather than butter, for a different flavor.  M&M Cookies are delicious in their own right, but adding Crisco, instead of butter, gives the cookies a richer flavor.  I’ve …

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Cookies sitting on a plate and on parchment paper.

Texas Cowboy Cookies

Texas Cowboy Cookies are a delicious treat any time of year. The cowboy cookies boast a lot of ingredients from pecans to shredded coconut to raisins and peanut butter chips. The cookies are chewy, soft, crunchy, and they pack a flavorful punch for sure. Although the cowboy cookie recipe has a lot of ingredients, you’ll …

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Chocolate haystacks on a cookie sheet

Chocolate Haystacks

Ya’ll will love this recipe for white chocolate haystacks because they are not only delicious but super duper easy to make–I’m honestly not sure there’s an easier cookie to make out there. The combination of melted rich white chocolate and crunchy chow mein noodles makes for a very fun and tasty cookie.  Chocolate haystacks bring …

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