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The 50 State Dessert Recipes

Ever wonder what dessert your state is known for?  I’ve gone through and  And, with the help from a few blogger friends, I’ve made a list of desserts from each of our 50 states. 


Dessert Recipes From 50 States

The bloggers who made these wonderful desserts are not necessarily from these states, but they represent well. However, there are quite a few that are from the state their dessert belongs to.

What is the most popular dessert in the US?

New York Style Cheesecake – good stuff!

What’s the most popular dessert in the world?

You’ll get some different opinions on this, but I’m seeing Tiramisu, cheesecake, macaroons, and baklava.

What are the different types of desserts?

Pies, cookies, pudding, cakes, custards, sweet breads, ice cream, and so much more!


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