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Gluten-Free Crack Potatoes


This potato dish has to be one of my all-time favorite foods. It can be used as a side at any meal, potlucks, and even holiday dinners. I’ve been known to make it AS a meal. It’s called crack potatoes because it’s so addictive. 

I have a hard time waiting for it to cook before I start spooning the oozing cheesy goodness onto a spoon and eating it while I stand there with the oven door open. In fact, I made it to share with you on my blog, and had to keep myself from eating it before it was cooked, knowing I would be taking some pictures of the finished product. That may be the first and only time I haven’t dug in while it was still in the oven. It’s that good. 

The buckwheat flakes add a touch of sweetness to the salty flavors. Even if you don’t eat gluten-free, I highly recommend adding the Maple Buckwheat Flakes. If you don’t like sweet flavors, Corn Flakes work great, as well. 

The dish can be made as a regular potato side, or gluten-free. And, it’s pretty hard to mess this recipe up. If you put too much cheese, oh well, it’s cheesy. Too many flakes on top? Oh well, it’s crunchier. 

Trust me, you will love it.


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