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19 Foods That Start With E

There are hundreds and hundreds of foods that start with E. From elephant ears to egg salad and so much in between.

Scroll through the list and you’re sure to find something you love.

Different Types Of Food That Start With The Letter E

1. English Muffin

English muffins are one of my favorite foods. In fact, I eat one every morning toasted and slathered with some peanut butter.

The muffins come in a variety of flavors and bread types. I like whole wheat muffins but will take them in just about any form.

Eggs Benedict is one of my all-time favorite breakfast foods. The eggs are cracked open and gently dropped in boiling hot water, cooked, set on top of the ham and English muffins, and topped with hollandaise sauce.

Here are a few ways to eat them:

  • Toasted with butter and jam
  • French toast
  • Toasted with butter, cinnamon, and sugar
  • Add some pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings
English muffin on a plate with jam

2. Egg Salad

Egg salad is one of those recipes that we all want to see on the table at a picnic. It’s delish, easy to make, and so tasty.

The Recipe Critic has a fantastic recipe, Literally The Best Egg Salad, on her site and you will love the ingredient list.

One of the great things about egg salad is that it is versatile. You can add different types of seasonings, bacon, ham, or whatever you like. And, it’s perfect for those hot summer months.

Pouring oil over egg salad

3. Egg Roll

Egg rolls are made out of a flour wrap that is rolled and stuffed with different ingredients and fried in oil.

The rolls are usually made with cabbage, pork, seasonings, coleslaw, sesame oil, soy sauce, and more.

Natasha’s Kitchen has a great recipe on how to make egg rolls.

Egg rolls stacked on a plate.

4. Elbow Macaroni

Elbow macaroni is pasta that is in a curved shape. It’s the mac in macaroni and cheese.

The elbow-shaped pasta is in so many recipes including Hamburger Helper, macaroni salad, soups, and lots of different types of pasta meals.

And the best part? It’s super budget-friendly and filling.

Give this one-pot Hamburger Helper beef pasta recipe a try.

Hamburger helper in a small bowl.

5. Egg Yolk

Most of us love eggs and egg yolks. They are a great breakfast food, as well as lunch and dinner.

Egg yolk is great because you can leave it runny over some toast, or cook it all the way through and eat it alone or on a sandwich.

The yolks are super versatile and have a lot of protein that’s a great addition to any meal.

Egg yolks on ham.

6. Egg Custard

Egg custard is a great recipe because it only requires a few ingredients including eggs, sugar, salt, vanilla, and milk with a little nutmeg sprinkled on top. It’s an inexpensive dessert to make and it’s great around the holidays.

Egg custard in a saucepan.

7. Egg Custard Pie

While we are on the subject of egg custard, let’s talk about egg custard pie. It’s very similar to egg custard in ingredients, but with crust.

The pie is super easy to make, has a unique taste, and is perfect around the holidays for a sweet dessert. The nutmeg helps give it that fall flavor.

Egg custard pie on a white plate.

8. Easter Eggs

We all love Easter eggs, especially when they come in chocolate form. I can remember the first time I got my hands on a Cadbury Easter Egg. Oh, my.

And now, my weakness is Cadbury Mini Eggs. Step aside, I am going to get some every year. I am always glad when the season is over because that temptation is gone. I can’t walk past them without grabbing a bag.

Plastic Easter eggs are fun to use during an Easter egg hunt, with money inside, or treats. Down here in Florida, we can’t put chocolate out to hunt for because it melts by the time the kids find it.

But, hard-boiled eggs are also fun to make and dip in colors. It becomes a fun tradition every year.

Easter Eggs in an egg container

9. Edible Fruit Arrangements

Fruit arrangements are a fun way to give a colorful bouquet in different ways.

Most companies, like Edible Arrangements, can create a fun array of fruits dipped in chocolate or with a tray of sweets. They not only taste fantastic, but they are also a healthy snack.

It’s like getting flowers with the sweet taste of fruit and chocolate all rolled into one.

Edible Arrangements on a counter.

10. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Extra-virgin olive oil is used in a very long list of foods. It adds moisture, flavor, and even nutrients.

Ways to use extra-virgin olive oil:

  • In a dressing or marinade
  • As a dip for bread
  • Use in a saucepan instead of butter and get the hot oil cooking before adding foods
  • Drizzle over bread, add some garlic, and toast
  • Use in rice
  • Drizzle over cooking meat, and so much more!
Extra virgin olive oil on a counter.

11. Earth Nut

I had to look this one up. I’ve never heard of an earth nut, but I must admit, I don’t really pay attention to it either.

So, what is an earth nut? Earth nuts includes peanuts, truffles, roots, and tubers.

Wikipedia says, “Earthnut is a common name for several unrelated plants which produce a subterranean edible seed, fruit or root.”

Now we know!

Peanuts in a white bowl

12. Espresso

Espresso has to be one of my favorite items on this list. I remember getting my first espresso machine and making lattes and cappuccinos. The aroma of espresso is honestly one of my favorite things.

Espresso by itself is a strong and tasty drink, and adding it to other cafe specialties is a great way to add variety.

I worked at a couple of different coffee shops when I was younger and loved learning about the art of espresso. There are three layers to the addictive shot, the dark liquid on the bottom called the heart, the brown layer in the middle called the body, and the lighter brown crema on the top.

The beans have to be ground to a specific size, and the shot has to be pulled and timed to get the perfect crema on top, otherwise, the espresso might come out too bitter or too watery.

Pouring espresso into a cup

13. Egg Foo Young

Egg foo young is a Chinese food made with eggs, vegetables, and gravy. The dish comes in omelet form and can be eaten over rice.

Many recipes include meat, as well as eggs and vegetables.

Dinner, then Dessert has a wonderful recipe for egg foo young.

Egg foo young on a plate.

14. English Walnut

If you’ve eaten a walnut, you’ve eaten an English Walnut. They are full of nutrients and flavor.

Walnuts are great on top of salads, in fudge, candied, sprinkled on top of desserts, and so much more. Taste of Home has a list of 50 walnut recipes.

Walnuts on the counter.

15. Egg Drop Soup

Egg drop soup is another Chinese soup that is pretty much always on the menu at all Chinese restaurants.

There’s a bit of an art form for making the soup, but it’s delicious nonetheless. The soup is made with chicken broth or stock, sesame oil, turmeric, white pepper, and a few other ingredients that make the soup one that you want to keep ordering over and over.

The Woks Of Life (love the name) has an authentic egg drop soup recipe on their site that you will love.

Egg drop soup in a white bowl.

16. Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant parmesan is typically an Italian dish, but it can be made in several different ways.

The main ingredients call for eggplant, olive oil, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and oregano, Panko breadcrumbs, parmesan, and more for a tasty main dish.

The recipe is popular at most Italian restaurants.

Bon Appetit has a great recipe for eggplant parmesan.

Eggplant parmesan on a plate.

17. Egg Whites

We talked about egg yolks, but now let’s talk about egg whites. If you’ve used the yolks, you’ve gotta do something with the whites.

Egg whites are perfect for brushing the top of pastries before baking, giving the pastry a crunchy sort of texture.

Other ways to use egg whites:

  • Meringue to top pies (one of my favorite recipes and a popular dessert)
  • Egg white omelets
  • Meringue cookies
  • Divinity
  • Frittata
  • Angel food cake and so much more!
  • Meringue on top of butterscotch pie
Homemade butterscotch pie on the counter.

18. Elephant Ears

Pastries are always a treat, and elephant ears are a fun dessert that fulfills a sweet tooth.

The ears are crispy cookies made out of a puff pastry with cinnamon and sugar. It’s a comforting and delicious treat. You can even drizzle a little bit of maple syrup or chocolate icing over the top.

The Food Channel has a great recipe for elephant ears.

Elephant ear cookies on a counter.

19. Eggo Waffle

We love Eggo Waffles because they are so easy to make. You can keep them in the freezer and pop them into a toaster and have waffles in less than a couple of minutes without all of the mess.

The kids love to top them with syrup, butter, peanut butter, chocolate chips, and pretty much anything sweet.

Eggo waffle with fruit