Foodie Friday #1

Hi guys! I am trying something new this week. I love blog link parties. I’ve done a few, and I’ve already gotten to know some fun foodie blog friends and found some delicious recipes! 

I’m sharing some of my recipes this week, but if I can figure out the technical side of things, I will be sharing the recipes that are the most clicked next week! 

I’m excited to have you, so feel free to leave a link below.

You are going to love double chocolate bars. Not only are they cheap and easy to make, they are incredibly delicious.

Double Chocolate Bars on a Budget

The best potato salad around

The Best Potato Salad Around

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  1. Michelle Darby says:

    Hello! I found you through a facebook group. Our blog goes live next week, so I’m looking forward to #2. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to lend a hand.

    1. Julie Pollitt says:

      Sounds great! Can’t wait to see your blog!

    1. Julie Pollitt says:

      I’ve used a gluten-free crust from Whole Foods with the pie and it turned out great! Thanks for your link!

  2. Thank you for hosting Julie! Food one of my greatest joys.

    1. Julie Pollitt says:

      Hi Pamela!

      Food is one of my greatest joys, too! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. My other half adores potatoes (being Irish will do that you you!) so I’ll have to make the potato salad for him!

    Here’s a recipe for strawberry and cream eclairs:

    Or if you’re in the mood for something a bit more special, here’s the recipe for Disney’s Zebra Domes!

    1. Julie Pollitt says:

      Hi Tori!

      Thanks for the links. I will check them out–they sound delicious! I love potatoes in any form, too!

    1. Julie Pollitt says:

      Hi Andrea!

      Thanks for sharing the link! Chicken and Doritos sounds wonderful!

    1. Julie Pollitt says:

      Hi Theresa!

      Thanks for sharing your link! I love link parties. They are so much fun!

    1. Julie Pollitt says:

      Wow, caramel cream cheese frosting. That sounds amazing!

  4. Hi there! Came over through FB, and am looking forward to finding lots of new recipes here each week! BTW, I can’t believe that pumpkin pie is dairy free. Yum!

    1. Julie Pollitt says:

      Hi Leslie! Thanks for coming over, and I’m so glad you’re here! Everyone at my house loves that pumpkin pie recipe more than any other – even my husband who loves dairy!

    1. Julie Pollitt says:

      Smoked Pork Pizza sounds really good. I’ve never thought about that. Yum!! Thanks for sharing. I put your link up on the links above!