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I started blogging in an effort to bring to life some of the recipes that my grandmother shared with me as a child. We spent our summers on my grandparent’s farm in West Tennessee. I love sharing these recipes with others.

The blog is also a way to help others learn and do more in the kitchen. Here’s what one reader said, “I made this recipe for July 4th. Let’s just say my whole family made gasped sounds when they found out I made this! So thank you for making me look like a pro!”

Since 2016, I’ve built an audience of 32,000+ subscribers. I usually write about easy recipes for families, including dinners, sides, and desserts. My most popular recipes are on my homepage.

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I am interested in working with brands that will help make life easier in the kitchen for my readers. We love easy recipes. I have a preference for working with brands that I use.

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